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Miami is known for sunshine, cruise ships and South Beach. Miami is the capital of South America and nowhere that it exhibits this more than in the area of media and communications, media and communication moguls from all through out South America have operations in Miami. Entertainment also plays an important role witrh South Beach, major league sports, Miami Heat, Dolphins and much more, let alone the Latin/Hispanic celebs and global super stars. Many independent producers that work with the media and entertainment power elite work with (community and Worldwide Independent Content Creators ( What do you think about Miami and Florida in general's role in the global media and entertainment industry?

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Greetings Jacob... I think we need to talk... Not sure if you understand what the FYI Global New Media Project & The Florida Internet Webcasting Network Is About... We Are The New Mainstream Media, Internet Based... We have started with Florida and it has taken on a life of its own... Presently,'s Alexa Rating fluctuates Between The Top 6% and 12% Of All Sites, locally, Statewide, Nationwide and Globally and we are growing FAST... This Is Huge! We are looking for all knids if Content for the networks and maybe you all have what we are lookong for... We are looking for all typs of Independently Produced Content which is looking for a Global Network to Get Played... Jacob... Shoot Me Over An E-mail or Give Me A Call So We Can Talk...

Take Care... Look Forward To Hearing Back...
Christopher Uhland, CEO, Producer, Webmaster
Digital Publishing Print & Web Masters,
The Florida Internet Webcasting Network
& The FYI Global New Media Project
P: 305-451-2473 ~ E:

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