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With a shattered heart and a crushed soul... I have to announce that my life partner of 24 years has passed on June 30th 2014 at 2:pm from her battle with CANCER

Hi All... This is Christopher... Julie's husband... With a shattered heart and a crushed soul... I have to announce that my life partner of 24 years has passed on June 30th 2014 at 2:pm from her battle with CANCER... She is out of PAIN... S...he Is Free Unlike Most Of Us... She is With God... I am sorry for the delay in telling you as my sweetie's only care giver... this really rocked my world... shattered my soul... But I Am Fighting Back... Not sure if you all remember... Jul was using hemp oil for over 8 months when a bottle came in the mail broken and was intercepted by the postmaster which contacted the sherrif's dept and 9 sherrifs and the postal inspector came to the house with the broken package... I have to say that they were OK... they did tell us that if we did this again that they would arrest us... The Monroe County Attorney Dennis Ward came to the house and said to get what we needed and if they arrested us that he would have out of jail in 24 hours... Well, that sounded OK... Then he called The Florida state Attorney Katherine Vogel which called us and told us that there was not a court in Florida that would convict us if we were ever arrested for medical marijuana... That sounded Ok as well... Jul said that she could not handle jail in her health situation and who would take care of her during the time I was getting out of jail... Then we thought about this... We are Kinda of ok here in Florida, but what if the Fed arrested us... Mandatory Felony... We would be locked up for a long time... Jul & My story was on TV, in the Miami Hearld, The Free Press and many other media outlets here in South Florida which could alarm the Fed to Us... It was Jul's decision that she was going to stop... she did not and could not and choose not to move to another state... So, from that day on was the beginning of her deterioration... She had 2 of the worst aggressive cancers on the planet, I.B.C. (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) and Triple Negative Together.... According to the data on this... only about 2% of women get this combination and it is an aggressive and mostly fatal cancer... The A.M.A. says that they can extend a life with chemo and rad for about 3 to 4 months and that is about is... Naturally, we kept Jul going for 18 months without the horrorable side effects of the chemo and rad... I want to thank all of you which tried to help... Please watch Jul's FB Page here... This will be my headquarters for all the projects which I will be spearheading in the future to turn this around... The experience which I got from this all has made me, not angry (not too angry to think) But Totally Motivated to create positive change... Please Keep In Touch... I Miss Her So Badly, My Souls Cries and I am Throwing Down The Gauntlet... As I start getting things going, I will post them here and if anyone wants to help... please let me know... Love, Peace, Health and Prosperity To You All... Love, Christopher..

PS: for now, please contact me thru this FYI-Fla Page til I get the new website built...  we can all come together and discuss what we are doing, events which are happening and create action for the cause...  (It's FREE To Join)

Jul, May You Body Rest In Peace...
And Your Soul Soar With The Angels...
Love You & Miss You!

Juliyanna, Diana Corine, Tibbetts Uhland
05/21/53 to 06/30/14

Jul... I promise to you in your name that I will work to create positive change... To be the Advocate that you were in life and now in death... Let's Get Ready To Rumble! No Joke!!!!

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